Dark void archon

An Archon

Archons are the equivalent of mobile tanks in Dark Void's universe. They are quadrupedal tanks equipped with two rapid-fire mini-turrets (located on their "shoulders") and a rocket launcher/beam weapon.

Their weak points are the exhaust ports that are located where their legs join their body, and the claw-like mechanical contraptions that surround their "eye". Destroying the exhaust ports usually makes the inside of an Archon heat up to intolerable levels of temperature, causing the organic Watcher pilots inside to come out and attack you. Sometimes, though, destroying the exhaust ports will not be enough, and you will need to enter a QTE (quick-time event) on the Archon's "eye" in order to bend back one of its claw-like mechanisms; this apparently causes the next blast an Archon fires to be redirected back in on itself, which blows it up from the inside out.

During any QTE in which you are attempting to take down an Archon, it will try to violently shake you off, so be ready for anything it throws at you.

There is also a floating variant of the Archon called the Watcher Knight.