The Rocket Pack is a personal flight module armed with dual 7.62 MM machineguns (which can be upgraded to dual .45 caliber machine guns and mini magnetic rockets as a secondary weapon). It was created by Nikola Tesla.

It is the jetpack that Will Grey uses throughout most of Dark Void (except in the beginning, where you are forced to use its prototype, the hover pack). It allows Will to fight his enemies vertically and horizontally, as well as giving him the ability of flight. (cation should be taken when using the flight mode in tight areas)

The rocket pack is also equipped with a boost capability that not only allows it to travel at greater speeds, but also allows it to perform complex aerial maneuvers, such as barrel rolls and 180-degree turns. Once used up, the boost will recharge, but during a big fight it is key to use your boost wisely so you can dodge an enemy aircraft (such as a Flying Disc).

Also, if you attempt to perform a complex aerial maneuver when your boost is low, Will will spin out of control for a few seconds and then stabilize himself, making him very vulnerable if there are enemies around. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure you have enough boost to perform these maneuvers at all times.

At the very end of the game, once Will has destroyed two heads of The Dweller, it will hit you, causing Will to land at the top of the Tower, where most of the Watcher Mask breaks and his rocket pack gets severely damaged upon landing. In a last ditch attempt to destroy The Dweller, Will throws his rocket pack at the machine's last "head", he then fires at it using his Liberator, causing the rocket pack to explode, destroying The Dweller and the rocket pack once and for all.