Dark void prison-685x385

Watcher base within the void

The Void is a strange place in which the laws of physics are vastly different from out own. It is located between the Watcher home-world and Earth, acting as a kind of bridge between the two. The Void is home to various creatures including Humans and Watchers alike, which are locked in a never ending war. There are many ways to reach the Void, the most notable one is through the Bermuda Triangle, into which many human ships and planes have accidentally wandered into and been lost.

Geographically, the Void is very mountainious, with rocky spires reaching heights of several miles. The vegitation is very jungle-like, with fauna similar to a rainforest.

Humans tend to stay in the spire-like mountains, away from the ground and thick forests. While on the other end of the spectrum, Watchers tend to stay in the forests, jungles and desert regions of the Void.

It appears there was at one point a ancient civilization in the Void, evidenced by crumbling stone structures, buildings, and ancient ruins. It is unknown which race, Humans or Watchers created it, or if it was a race unique to the Void itself.